Kimturcase Protector Case for Micro:bit

The idea of developing a protector case for micro:bit goes back to February 2018. We were looking for various cases for the Micro:bit. We noticed that we may need a different case according to the project that we are doing. So, we thought, why not make a case for each possible option.

So we did design a protector case for micro:bit that we named as Kimturcase. 

M1 Basic Case is designed to help you to use the micro:bit with an edge connector in your project.

M2 Extended Case is designed as an extended version of the Kimturcase M1 when you do not need to connect to an edge connector. You can ideally use this case when the Micro:bit is connected to a computer via the micro USB port.

M2b Portable Case is designed as an extended version of Kimturcase M1. Kimturcase M2b has a battery box holder extension. In this case Micro:bit is connected to the computer wirelessly or used as an independent device.

M3 Portable v2 Case is designed as a variation of Kimturcase M2b. Kimturcase M3 has a battery box holder extension on one side of the case. This makes it possible to use Bottom pins. Bottom pins can be connected to your project using crocodile clips or banana plugs. Kimturcase M3 allows micro:bit to be used with the battery box secured which allows wired or wireless connection to the computer or as an independent device.

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