Kimturcase M2b Protector Case for Micro:bit

Kimturcase M2b

Kimturcase M2b Portable Case for micro:bit is designed to protect sensitive parts of the micro:bit. It is also useful if you are planning to use micro:bit with a battery which allows wireless connection to the computer. Integrated battery holder design makes it practical to use separately. 

Product Description

The Kimturcase M2b is designed as an extended version of Kimturcase M1. Kimturcase M2b has a battery box holder extension. It also protects Micro:bit delicate components safe from static electricity and accidental damage. It is designed as a top and bottom part. The two parts snap fits together around the micro:bit. It is 3D printed with PLA plastic filament.

Please Note: Micro:bit is not included.


  • Kimturcase M2b is composed of two pieces – top and bottom.
  • Bottom piece has a battery holder extension.
  • Battery usage with micro:bit helps to connect to the computer wirelessly.
  • This case design makes it practical to use independently from a computer if necessary.
  • The A and B buttons of the Micro:bit are accessible.
  • The LEDs of Micro:bit are fully visible from the Kimturcase.
  • The micro USB, the power connector and the reset button of Micro:bit are all accessible.

How Kimturcase M2b Portable Case for Micro:bit is assembled?

It is simple to assemble the Kimturcase M2b. We prepared a video that shows how it is assembled. 

Product versions

Kimturcase M2b Portable Case is available in red, green, blue and black colours. The 3D printed PLA plastic Kimturcase M2b has a unique texture.


Kimturcase M2b Portable Case dimensions: 6.3×8.8×1.8cm

Assembly Instructions

It is easy to assemble Kimturcase M2b Portable Case. Just place the microbit on the bottom part and cover it with the top part ensuring that the buttons and parts aligned correctly. Snap fit the case by applying gentle pressure.

For detailed instructions: