Which 3D Modelling Software to Use for 3D Printing as a Beginner?

Up till now we wrote in our blogs about “The learning curve of 3D printing” and “Learn How to 3D Print – Where to start?” These blogs briefly described basic information regarding what the 3D printing is about, and the steps necessary to do a 3D print. Now it is time to begin learning 3D Modelling Software.

It sounds easy, but there is a catch. The question is, which software?

For a beginner, especially for someone who does not deal with any programming, it is not an easy process. How do you decide which Software to choose? You may try to find an answer to questions like:

  • Are you going to use it for engineering or design purpose?
  • Is there any difference between a paid and free version?
  • Which file formats does it support?

There are more questions to answer but for the time being you may want to focus only these ones.

As you are a beginner in modelling, probably you prefer to try first only free versions of softwares. If you try to make the web search quoting for “Free 3D modelling software, 3D design software, 3D CAD software for a beginner” it might narrow the search.

The search result will come up probably with brand names like AutoCAD, Blender, BRL-CAD, DesignSpark, 3D Slash, FreeCAD, Fusion 360, K-3D, MeshMixer, Onshape, OpenSCAD, Sculptris, TinkerCAD, etc.

This is the list we come up for the time being.

How are we going to decide which one?

We hope to try out each software from a beginners perspective to help you out decide which one is suitable for you.